Several of the constants of our work are the search for harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality, and contextualization. Harmony, the result of a generation of systems, as a relationship between all, projects are born from an idea, an idea that drives the direction of the entire process from its origin at conception, until the outcome in execution. Serenity, resulting in the search for balance in the relationship between shapes and within their geometric universe.

Timelessness, born at a particular time, but with the will to try and evoke the greatest amount of time. Atmosphere, evolving as a result of the successful elements of matter and light, so that the only interpretation is its unique fusion.

Universality, forms as a consequence of synthesis of ideas approximating the design elements of their conceptual idea, moving away from projects with resources of recognisable identity.

Contextualisation, implementation and dialogue with the cultural and physical environment, such as the use of linking resources to the site. The result is a work that conveys the essential, which contains the complexity and density of a work that is designed to the last detail, which is aimed at the creation of places where people wish to live.

As an architecture and design office, we envision projects that convey intensity through the essentials, collecting the spirit of a work that is tackled with a comprehensive manner and with the aim of materializing unique spaces, places with identity and linked to who lives in them. All this by constantly seeking and applying concepts such as harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality and contextualisation.

We work on an international basis, dealing with the different architectural scales, from the object to the space, both in natural and urban contexts. We manage to combine the excellence of a complete project with the available means, so as to achieve the best solution according to the physical, economic and cultural circumstances.

Our work covers a wide range of scales and uses, but always showing the same commitment to architectural quality. We combine the knowledge acquired through real professional practice with research activities. Thus, we seek the enrichment afforded by the reflection on the academic context by means of teaching, lectures and publications.

We start from the spirit of the settings, the spaces and the objects. Based on this conceptual idea, we carry out the largest and most complex programmes so that the completed work becomes the materialization of that original spirit.

To that end, we involve all the actors in every project, from the staff and technical partners to our clients, so they share the same complicity within the project.

From its earliest days, our office has made the absolute commitment to respect the environment. We believe that both architecture and design are linked to a place and it is their duty to respect and protect it with sustainability criteria.

We work with cutting-edge technology in management systems, design and communication.

As the inhabitants of the spaces we are about to create, our clients become the main character from the start of every project.

The Ramón Esteve studio consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts. As a constant source of creativity and innovation, the working process is similar to a laboratory of ideas. This fluency at work facilitates the professional development of our staff, the necessary conciliation with their personal lives and the sense of belonging to a common project.

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