Brook McIlroy

Brook McIlroy

Brook McIlroy is an award-winning architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and planning firm with offices in Toronto and Thunder Bay.

Our practice is founded on the ambition to create a truly multi-disciplinary office to address the complex and interrelated challenges of contemporary city building and design.

Projects span from large-scale urban visions and implementation strategies to the detailed design of buildings, landscapes and civic infrastructure.

Each project is approached as a unique challenge focused on client engagement, community consultation and thorough place-specific research.

Recognizing the profound impact our cities, buildings and landscapes have on the global environment Brook McIlroy proactively integrates sustainable development practices into all of its projects and the workplace.

The focus of the Brook McIlroy practice is to build great contemporary cities and communities. The nature of our architectural and landscape design has evolved from this interest in the larger context. Instead of thinking about how to design buildings and landscapes piece by piece in a vacuum we are motivated by a vision of the whole. Great cities, communities, and campuses defined by culture, place, design-excellence and an inspiring quality of life that is sustainable.

As a multi-disciplinary practice we combine large-scale master planning for cities, waterfronts, universities and research institutions, with an architectural and landscape practice that takes many of these projects through to detailed design. We organize our project process around a multi-disciplinary team that is led by a Principal and a dedicated Project Manager. We consider project management to be a fundamental component of delivering exceptional results.

Open communication and collaboration with our clients, co-consultants, stakeholders, and partners is a fundamental component to delivering successful projects and therefore we embrace participation and specialist input wherever possible. Engaging stakeholders in the design and visioning process from the beginning creates true synergies and the political will to move these projects into implementation.

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