Core Architects

Core Architects

Three skillful architects with a shared design philosophy and business vision formed CORE Architects Inc in 1994.

The founding partners brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in all scales of projects, as well as an understanding of business and of client's priorities.

The firm's humble beginnings designing small house additions quickly grew to developing multi-million dollar projects worldwide.

At CORE Architects, we are committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into planning, building design and construction.

Our commitment is more than words. Our process incorporates goals to minimize resource consumption, optimize building performance, and promote the health of building occupants.

We have the expertise to know what's feasible and how to achieve the greatest impact.

The construction process can be an enormous polluter. We limit this impact by considering designs and specifications that make best use of resources and materials.

Due to Canada's extreme temperatures, the performance of building walls can make a big difference in energy consumption.

We have worked collaboratively with a close-knit team of consultants to evaluate building systems for energy efficiency.

New research has linked health and interior environments.

We specify materials and building assemblies that minimize potentially harmful off-gassing of chemicals.

As responsible professionals we consider our projects as more than discreet objects.

In our downtown projects we advocate appropriate densities that make best use of the site, support mass transit options and provide healthy living environments for people.

Projects are measured and rated according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™.

CORE currently has five urban residential projects pursuing LEED certification: Regent Park Block 12 (gold), Central (silver), Six50 King (silver), Seventy5 Portland and M5V.

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Core Architects

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