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Exclusive Chalets and Apartments in the Mountain World

Welcome to our mountain world – we take you away into the most exciting residential project in the Bernese Oberland (Bernese Highlands): Bergwelt Grindelwald.
Situated in the best location in the most beautiful valley in the world, right in the centre of the village, with a magnificent view of an unparalleled mountain panorama. Your heart will leap with joy, you won’t want to close your eyes and your delight will know no bounds – what you find here are divine condominiums, exclusive chalets and a boutique hotel that surpasses all your wishes.

A UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site at your doorstep, Grindelwald is a little paradise at 1000 metres above sea level. Its world-famous stars are the mountains fondly referred to as the gentlemen Eiger and Moench as well as Lady Jungfrau.

Proudly he stands on the top of the mountain! With the same elegance, our project Bergwelt Grindelwald welcomes its owners to their splendid new homes, surrounded by the most beautiful four-thousanders in the world.
Your new abode will stand in what is now an Alpine meadow of more than 15’000 square metres, situated directly beside the new ski slope.

The location of our Bergwelt Grindelwald is unique, set in the middle of the village, yet giving you a large private sphere with a special character all its own.
The exquisite boutique hotel in your immediate neighbourhood elegantly rounds out the project and, whenever you so desire, you can take advantage of the additional palette of services it provides.    

Elegantly he soars through the air, enjoying the vastness and silence of the sky. What you’ll find in the Bergwelt Grindelwald is the highest standard of living comfort, right in your own home.
Choose between a unique mountain condominium in a multiple family chalet or an exclusive chalet villa.
Whatever you decide, you’ll have everything you need.
In our project, luxury and tradition speak only one language – that of the Bergwelt Grindelwald.


Which gem is your favourite? Choose from among the apartment houses Bernstein, Achat and Granat, which are already in their first stages of construction and soon to be followed by Türkis and Jaspis. Behind the beautifully designed, wood facade you will find a cosy, romantic home. The motif carved into your balcony is reminiscent of local tradition, lend your new mountain apartment a special kind of uniqueness and convey the unmistakeable charm so characteristic of Grindelwald. Take a look outside: starry skies, the moon and the tips of those imposing four-thousanders. And twinkling on the mountainside are the lights shining from the Swiss Alpine Club cabins that provide shelter for adventurous mountain climbers.

Apart from the magnificent vista directly in front of your spacious balcony, Bergwelt Grindelwald offers you modern living or a traditional chalet style of life – or, perhaps, even a mix of both. No matter what your preference, we will implement whatever your heart desires. Some things, however, always remain the same: the lavish and clear floor plan concepts, large windows that give the rooms an airy lightness and carefully selected materials that guarantee you high quality. You will love and cherish your new home from the very first day. We’re absolutely sure of that.


You’ll find the noblest of noble in your new home – we whisk you away into the unique romance of the Bergwelt Grindelwald. Choose the villa you like best from among seven gems: Turmalin, Rubin, Citrin, Onyx, Jade, Peridot or Beryll. You define your own personal style – whether modern or traditional, romantic, cosy, homey, warm – just the way you’d wish your mountain chalet to be. You have full freedom in defining the style of your chalet and its interior construction and fittings. We conjure up a mountain world in your own home – with all our experience, taste and know-how.

Can you smell the unforgettable fragrance of Arven wood and hear to the crackling fire in the fireplace? Nowhere else will you find a homier atmosphere with such a distinct and authentic ambiance as in one of our luxury chalets. The interior convinces through the selection of the absolutely most beautiful details, which make living in a chalet a truly exceptional experience. The standard of outfitting is superb and will incorporate any and all wishes you may have. Our team of architects is at your disposal to advise you in equipping your chalet villa. They turn your dreams into reality. And last but not least – very important – we mountaineers know what luxury means.    


No ridge is too steep, no mountain too high. It is not surprising that the chamois adorns Grindelwald’s coat of arms. The community has over 4’000 inhabitants and amongst them are rugged, earthy Bernese mountaineers with a long history of family traditions. There is a very special atmosphere in Grindelwald: very rural and rustic but also welcoming and open to international guests. The balance between old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, lends Grindelwald a unique touch that will always remain true to its heritage. The village centre is full of charm and the spirit of “Swiss Made” is alive and well in Grindelwald.

You can climb, hike and bike at the foot of the Eiger north face or even swim in the crystal clear mountain lake. Or fly alongside the queens of the air with your paraglider. For those who prefer a little less adventurous activities, there is a golf course and an open-air swimming pool. A picnic at dusk on the Kleine Scheidegg, looking out over the Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau, is an unforgettable end to a beautiful summer day.    

Instinctively, he knows all the hidden corners; experience has shown him the most beautiful views and taught him the secrets of the once tiny mountain village tucked away among the magnificent mountains. The people of Grindelwald have 200 kilometres of slopes for skiers and snowboarders, the most beautiful fields of snow for wanderers or snowshoe-hikers and the coolest toboggan runs for young and old. Lots of sun, lots of snow and lots of mountains – the most beautiful winter experiences can be found in Grindelwald.

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