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Luxury Villas

Massimiliano Fuksas, an exceptional contemporary architect, has designed a marvellous villa resort inspired by the ancient beauty of Sardinia.
A triumph of natural forms perfectly placed amidst a theatrical setting of three golf courses totalling 45 holes; the last 18 of these are designed by Gary Player, undisputed master of the green.

At the heart of the Mediterranean, Is Molas Golf Resort is immersed in pristine nature; the prestigious residential project bears the stamp of both Massimiliano Fuksas, a leader in contemporary architecture, and Gary Player, the Black Knight, a legend in the golf world and among the most in demand golf course designers.

Three golf courses, exclusive residences, two 5 star hotels, a spa, a club house, and topping it all off, a beach club.
All perfectly sited in the landscape, open to dialogue with the Mediterranean light and the traces of its civilisation.
Nowhere else can you enjoy the charm of southern Sardinia, play golf any time of day, and above all, recharge amidst peace and harmony.

Perhaps we shouldn’t tell you more but, just imagine yourself contemplating the horizon from your villa patio. In front of you is the golf course, and then the sea.
Imagine yourself spending a relaxing day at the spa of a five star hotel, taking a swim on a private beach.

It is a silent, exclusive oasis with wide green ridges dropping down from the protected oasis of Parco Montano, all the way down to the golf courses in an uninterrupted continuum of nature and residences.

The project provide for the construction of an amazing and private residential area, the inhabited sculptures of the famous italian Architect Massimiliano Fuksas, a five stars hotel with 80 luxury bedrooms, an exclusive hotel with 39 suites connected to a 4.000 sqm professional spa, a new clubhiouse overlooking the 3 golf courses, a professional sports & kids center and a charming beach club in the gulf of Nora.

The delivery of the first villas overlooking the Black Course is scheduled for Spring 2014.

Every feature of the four types of villas has been meticulously considered and skillfully designed by award-winning architects: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.
A constellation of wonders spread out across a 600 hectare sky.
Works of elegance and discretion, completely immersed in the heart of nature, a variety of architectural solutions to best address your individual needs.

Each residence includes independent living components connected with a patio and solarium; each villa has its own personality and ranges in size from 200 to 500 m2, with private gardens from 900 to 2700 m2.
Many homes have private pools. All are designed to celebrate your heartfelt passions and the things you hold dear.



Beautiful, precious, detailed throughout like a sa palas, the vest made of red cloth and the gold thread worn by Sardinian women on holidays to show wealth and happiness.
It is practically as big as a private island to ensure you fully appreciate the peace and tranquillity in every space. Pass from the fresh expansive 500 m2 patio to the cheerful terrace solarium of around 200 m2. Enjoy a refreshing plunge in the pool or rediscover after dinner intimacy in the simple elegance of your living room. And then, at night, abandon yourself to complete repose with three bedrooms at your disposal as well as two independent bedroom-studios. All around you, are the splendid gardens transmitting the energy of the Mediterranean in the most rewarding private setting.


 A tribute to the transparency of air and to the colour of the sky that envelops it: luxi, in Sardinian is light. The sound is crisp, like a spark, like the beginning of a new life, splendid, luminous on the skin and the heart.
Your secret getaway: this is an intimate place to rediscover the things you cherish, surrounded by beautiful and majestic nature. It is all waiting to be discovered in the discrete spaces of the 160 m2 patio or the wide terrace of about 130 m2, perfect spaces to contemplate the beauty of your private garden.  Then there are the interiors: four bedrooms with bath, a kitchen, a marvellous living room made for memorable evenings day after day.


The new day announces itself like this, bringing new excitement to the horizon. The dawn, in Sardinian nea, is the joy of renewal starting with the early morning hours. The Is Molas villas are made for watching the sunrise.
By a small inlet in the green sea of the Mediterranean, this villa includes three elegant bedrooms facing out on a 100 m2 patio. Luxury and pleasure multiply on this wide terrace that joins the various design elements. The same elegance is found in the kitchen. Your beautiful garden thrives all around you with the light, warmth, and fragrances of the Mediterranean Maquis shrubland all year round.


A residence modelled after the pomegranate, the marvellous fruit the Sardinians call arenada. For centuries a symbol of happiness, it is depicted on table cloths and painted on ancient ceramic pottery. It is a little world to hold in your hands.
Your shell: it is the most beautiful in the collection. And how could it not be, walking along the 100 m2 patio or the 90 m2 terrace. There is a private garden which, like a green breeze, surrounds the two bedrooms, the kitchen and the living room; here, you can spend hours in total relaxation both in the splendour of summer as well as in the cosy intimacy of winter.


When God was about to make Sardinia, the last land to be wrought by his hands, he noticed that in the heat of creation, he had used up nearly all his materials. However, there was a stack of granite left over. After a moment of consternation, God scattered these last rocks into the sea and then stomped on them with a blazing sandal bound foot, leaving his footprint here for eternity. And so amidst the solitary waters, Ichnusa was born.

Just minutes from Is Molas is the most beautiful of the Mediterranean. We want our Resort to be a departure point for discovering the island on your own, cultivating a taste for the simplicity and tastes of the old times, exploring the paths of an enchanted kingdom. It is a long journey from the depths of the sea to our greens, learning from nature each and every day.

Cagliari Elmas Airport is approximately 30 minutes by car. The Cagliari port is only 30 kilometers. To reach the Is Molas Resort, continue on highway 195 towards Pula. At kilometre 30.6, you will find a sign for Is Molas on your right. A shuttle service is available upon request to and from the airport.

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Usually, tracks on the sand remain just a few minutes. A wave, the rustle of the foam and all, steps, signs and promises, will be deleted.
Not in Sardinia, not in the South of Sardinia. And this is because the memory of a day on our beaches, just few minutes from Is Molas, the memory of the granite cliffs, of the secret coves protected by the Mediterranean brushwood and the Roman ruins of Nora, will remain imprinted on the skin and in your heart forever.
Simply choose day by day, inspired by curiosity and instinct.

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